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Test saison 3

1. Mr. Dylon's business associate________us.

has heard of has heard from have heard of have heard from

2. She hasn't__________a decision.

taken made make take

3. The manager has worked at the company__________

for a long time since a long time a long time ago quite a long time

4. I've got_________tickets for the concert.

very few very little a little little

5. Good cakes __________in this bakery.

are made has been made would make is made

6. Have you___________to Brazil ?

ever been never been ever were never were

7. I didn't want a hamburger. I__________a big meal.

had just had has just had have just had had just

8. We__________successful if we had money and a good idea.

could be will be were can be

9. After___________school, William didn't know what to do.

leaving he leaves he was leaving he leaved

10. He__________in New York since January.

is has been went was

11. Somebody has just__________him.

saw seen see seed

12. I__________to her on the phone yesterday morning.

have spoken spoke have speak have spoke

13. The client has a quotation ___________is adapted to his needs.

who which what whom

14. A client _________ is delighted has just called me.

who which what whose

15. That's__________good price.

such such a so so much

16. You__________give your customers more than a 5 per cent discount.

not should should not will should would

17. I want you__________this question to me.

to explain explain explained explaining

18. John gave an excellent presentation. So__________

you did did you you gave gave you

19. The team congratulated__________on the results.

itself ourselves herself themselves

20. He can't speak German and__________

not can I neither can I I can't too neither I can